Our Services

As your partner, we seek to listen, understand and align with a founder’s vision for their business. This synchronicity allows us to then provide an objective view on your industry and position within the market. Our approach is holistic:

  • Clarify and refine your strategy
  • Assess your capabilities in seven functional areas
  • Provide an assessment and action plan to attaining your strategy and goals

This proven approach distinguishes Leda Advisory Group from all others.

We seek to discover companies that are high in potential and growth. More importantly, these companies are also ones where we can make a difference. For those companies that fit our portfolio, we can together come up with a fee structure that makes sense and aligns with our shared goal of long-term growth.

Growth Advisor

Our methodical approach has been tested with successful results-driven metrics. It uniquely compliments the creative energy a growth entrepreneur brings.

In its simplicity, Leda Advisory Group’s approach is as follows:

  • Assessment – Fully understand the current state of the company and how it relates to the vision and goals. We particularly seek to discover any hidden opportunities for growth.
  • Quantitative Measures – Utilizing our proprietary framework, we will score your business on our seven dimensions to create tangible metrics for data analysis.
  • Custom Playbook – Armed with our assessment and data, we will then craft a custom strategic plan and playbook to achieve our growth goals.
  • Period Check Ins – From the beginning, during and end, Leda Advisory Group will be with you in your growth journey. We are working as your advisor throughout the entire process and every step of the way on the path to success.

Financial Catalyst

We know one of the most difficult parts of growing a company is finding a partner willing to take the financial risk with you. In all stages of growth, a financial partner is crucial to the speed and magnitude of a company’s rise. Leda Advisory Group will help match you to financial partners who are aligned with your sector, understand the growth curve you are about to embark on while being fully invested in your vision.

Startup Mentor

Leda believes in the limitless potential of nascent businesses where the best ideas are created. On a limited basis, Leda Advisory Group will mentor early stage startups that are pre-revenue to advise on business plans and pitch decks in preparation to go to market. Tapping into our vast network, we will connect startups with the right technology platforms, professional services as well as long-term advisors or funders.